I wanted to be something and it is very important to me to be something. It was important to me that I didn’t disappoint. If I did fail, at least what was also important is the lesson. And I didn’t realize that until I went older .. Because you know when you’re in it, you’re in the grind you don’t really recognize those things when you’re younger .. But I could recognize them now and the importance of ensuring that them now. Only in the interests of drive and the determination, a lot of it was experience too. Get your A $$ kicked, get back up, leant the mitts back on and you shaking away. Now it’s time, to see who has a heart.

No matter how many hours I’ve flown , no matter how many miles I’ve traveled .. Irrespective of what country it is, the first thing I need to do to get ready for the work day .. Is I gotta acquisition the gym. I need to find my local cast-iron paradise. Back your clock up 4 hours, and that’s when I get up. I develop twice, I get my cardio in, eat breakfast and then vanish touched the values. Clanging and slamming, we call it. Now is the time to prove to YOURSELF, and prove it to everyone out there. I also believe that we can accomplish anything with our two entrusts and time putting in the effort. We’re all a work in progress. You’re gonna get your A $$ knocked, we’re gonna get the SH! T kicked out of us .. You gotta GET UP.

I have no patterns in Iron Paradise, I make up the rules. You can walk through those openings, brace your head up high-pitched. Hardest workers in the office, it’s how we make love! Sometimes your vision is so large-hearted, you don’t know how you’re gonna get there .. And that’s OK you don’t have to have all the answers. Keep that imagination clear and your eyes on the accolade. Look I don’t make a SH1T where you’ re from, what your bank account is, what colour you are, how cool you are, how cool you think you are, how cool you’re not .. The only guess I impart af about is the hard work you lay in, and how you threat people. Hold on to the fundamental quality of religion. Have confidence .. And on the other side of your anguish is something good. Always remember greatness ain’t achieving itself .. You gotta get after that greatness !! It’s never too early or too late to get after your goals. Once you start that first step, and you take that action That’s really what appoints the momentum. Once you get the momentum going..

Then you’re off to the scoots . .

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